Courses - English Certificate & Diploma, English for Adults & Executives, English for Youth, English Tutoring, Business English Work & Study, Canadian Internship, Work Preparation Package, Pre-EAP (College Entrance), الانجليزية للأغراض الأكاديمية, TOEFL Test, TOEIC Test, Cambridge FCE Test, Cambridge CAE Test, وشهادةالدبلوما في إدارة الأعمال (BEC) , برامج التدريب ( العمل بدون راتب في شركات كندية),

Pathway to Success

CCEL students have many different opportunities as there English level increases, they can join a work and study program, prepare for an English exam like TOEFL or IELTS, take a Co-op Diploma at the Canadian College and receive paid work or they can pathway to one of our partnered Colleges or Universities.

  • Courses

  • English Certificate & Diploma

    English programs designed to improve overall competency in English. These programs are intended to prepare students for exam courses such as Cambridge and TOEFL, university pathways, career advancement, or for personal interest.
    English Certificate & Diploma

    • Start any Monday
    • Part Time and Full Time Options
    • Intensive English
  • English for Adults & Executives

    A combination of small group English lessons, private one to one tutoring, individualized computer assisted learning, and a choice of specialized electives, internships, or use of executive services.
    English for Adults & Executives

    • Start any Monday
  • English Tutoring

    Private English lessons with Canadian College qualified instructors are a fast, and effective way for students to improve their English abilities. Private lessons take place in the executive classrooms which create more professional and comfortable surroundings.
    English Tutoring

    • Flexible Start Dates and Times
    • Private lessons are tailor-made to suit the needs of students
  • الانجليزية للأغراض الأكاديمية

    جامعة ألبرتا لديها اتفاق شراكة مع الكلية الكندية للغة الانجليزية حيث يكون للطلاب الراغبين بدراسة اللغة الإنجليزية لأغراض أكاديمية ان يتلقوا الدورات التدريبيه في الحرم الجامعي للكليه الكنديه للغه الانجليزيه في فانكوفر.
    الانجليزية للأغراض الأكاديمية

    • Start Dates: 2015 (Jul 27, Sep 21, Nov 16) 2016 (Jan 18, Mar 14, May 09, Jul 04, Aug 29, Oct 24)
    • High Level Academic English
    • Seamless pathway to Emily Carr University, Capilano University, Thompson Rivers University...
  • TOEFL Test

    Are you prepared for university? The CCEL TOEFL® iBT Test Preparation program is perfect for helping students to prepare for university English entrance requirements at all levels.
    TOEFL Test

    • Start any Monday
  • TOEIC Test

    Are you ready to land your dream job? The CCEL TOEIC® Preparation program is essential to aid students to establish or advance their professional careers.
    TOEIC Test

    • Start any Monday
  • IELTS Test

    Many students have decided to prepare and write the IELTS test in Canada, Vancouver. Our exam preparation courses are designed for students wishing to write the IELTS test in Canada.
    IELTS Test

    • Start any Monday