Business English Certificate BEC

Business English Certificate BEC

A 12 week program for business students. Business English in the morning 18hrs/week and electives including exam preparation (TOEIC, BEC), public speaking, writing and presentations.

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This Program runs for 8 and 12 weeks with set start dates. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be prepared and eligible to write the Cambridge Business English Certificate Exam. This certificate is recognized internationally as a standard for proficiency in Business English.

Course Content

This course covers a variety of topics relevant to the current business market. These include, company structure, communication at work, advertising and promotion, business ethics, recruitment and training and customer service. Students study reading, writing, communication, and structure as a part of this integrated course.

Class Times

Students wishing to prepare for the BEC Exam study general English in the morning with a specialized exam elective.

Full Time: 24 hours per week (Mon-Thur) (Friday 8:30 - 12:05pm)


Students registered in the Certificate in Business English (24 hours per week) choose one elective. The Business English or TOEIC electives are recommended for those who want to reinforce the skills and structures learned in the am class. Students also have the option to focus on other specific skills if they so desire. Other elective classes include: Communication, Current Events and Media, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary Building, Writing, and TOEFL.
Complete List of Electives
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