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Chang speaks about his experience taking the Business English Work Study program at the Canadian College of English Language.

Business English Work & Study

The Business English Work Study Program (BEWS) is offered in 40 to 72 weeks full-time programs, comprising 50% language and 50% paid or non-paid work experience. This course helps reinforce the communication ability of students in a business context and allows them to gain valuable language skills while working in Canada.

  • Start any Monday
  • Take 12 weeks of in-class targeted Business English training followed by Canadian work experience
  • Develop communicative competency in English in an authentic work setting
  • Have the opportunity to work in the metropolitan area of downtown Vancouver or an area in close proximity (Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond)
  • Be employed by Host Organisations who welcome the opportunity to internationalise their workforces by taking on CCEL internship students
  • Choose the job placement option and be guaranteed 3 interviews

Language Component

The Language component is composed of an Intensive English Language program (optional 6 levels) followed by the mandatory 12 week Business English Certificate (BEC) Course.

BEC has been designed by experienced business professionals and is for students who need to use English for international business. In the program, case studies and class projects involving work-related situations enhance students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

In the BEWS program, all BEWS students will have Targeted Employment Training at the Canadian College of English Language. Instruction will be given in the following areas: formulating an appropriate curriculum vitae, writing a convincing covering job letter, making an effective presentation and impressing an employer at a “job interview”.

Internship Component: Paid or Unpaid

In the Internship Component of the Program, students will experience a Canadian work environment, meet colleagues from other countries, enhance their language abilities and expand their career horizons. The unpaid or paid Internship, is monitored, has specific learning goals and is an essential component of the BEWS program. Having the opportunity to participate in a Canadian work environment is an exciting part of the BEWS program, After assessing the student’s language skills, educational training, work experience, and personal interest, we will arrange a suitable placement. If students wish, they may find their own internship placement; however, CCEL administration must approve all placements. Students will be placed in either a Specialized Language Internship (career-focused) or a General Language Internship (entry level), both of which are focused on exposing the student to opportunities to use language skills in an authentic English speaking environment. We work closely with all parties to ensure that each student is placed with a company that is suitable in terms of goals, interests and personality.

  • The average work hours for an internship are 20 hours per week.
  • Placements will depend on English level, education and experience.
  • If applicable, remuneration and pay rate (the minimum wage of $10.25/hour is guarantee by law in BC) will be affected by English communication ability, previous work experience and education.
  • Regular monthly monitoring of internships with feedback and progress reports.

Program Benefits

  • Enhances advanced English skills by providing real-life communication practice in both an academic setting and a professional work environment.
  • Integrates the practical use of Business English with cross cultural communication in the workplace.
  • Provides a possible paid internship (based on availability)
  • Includes a specialized work experience directly aligned to the student’s field of study or profession.
  • Provides an opportunity to meet students and colleagues from all over the world
  • Assists the students in obtaining references from host employers that are of enormous benefit when seeking employment.
  • Helps develop language skills in all areas through Targeted Employment Training
  • Allows students to improve speaking fluency and listening comprehension through regular interaction in English
  • Builds confidence in English language ability through interaction with customers/clients in real-life practical situations where communication in English is expected
  • Expands vocabulary base through usage of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Introduces students to other like-minded individuals with similar professional goals
  • Exposes internship students to the professional norms of a Canadian workplace environment

Entry Requirements

We expect students to meet the following criteria before we can accept them in the BEWS program:
  1. Students must be 18 years of age or over.
  2. Students must obtain a C30 Work/Study Permit.
  3. Students must obtain medical insurance.
  4. Students must submit a resume and a letter of motivation, Word Format, detailing their skills and qualifications
  5. Students must meet the following English level requirements:
    Program Starting Level CCEL Level
    40 weeks Upper Intermediate ENGL 125
    48 weeks Upper Intermediate ENGL 125
    56 weeks Intermediate ENGL 120
    64 weeks Pre-Intermediate ENGL 115
    72 weeks Beginner ENGL 110

English Level Assessment: Students are required to take the CCEL on-line written test and have a pre-screening interview.

Please note: Students must have a realistic expectation of the internship position. Eg. Available positions are often at the entry-level. We are unable to find management positions of any kind. Additionally, students must be motivated, flexible and have a professional attitude.

Business English Work & Study Policy and Procedures

BEWS Policy and Procedures
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