Canadian Internship

Canadian Internship

An internship with a Canadian company in the student's field of choice. The skills of the student will be matched with the job requirements of the company.

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Course Content

This comprehensive program is designed specifically for university students who need a legitimate international internship study program as part of their degree. The program is structured so that it starts with formal lessons studying communication in English. The second part is spent with a company that gives the student tasks related to his university studies and chosen career. The nature of the tasks will appropriate to the abilities and skills of each individual and the needs of the company. Every student wishing to take the Canadian Internship program must study an equal amount of time in English classes before the internship.

Work Experience

CCEL can arrange a work placement as an added feature of our Business English program. Students can experience Canadian business culture and interacting in a professional environment with peers in their own profession. Work experience placements are an opportunity to make connections with peers in your profession and to develop long-term friendships and networking.

English Lessons

18 hours per week of formal classroom work using an integrated curriculum suitable for university students with varying English abilities. Maximum class size is 15. Lessons are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 12:05pm , with a coffee break at 10:10am . Teachers are selected on their qualifications and experience. All internship students are required to take morning English lessons for the first half of their program. All students are tested and placed in a class level suitable to their needs. • Maximum class size 15 students • 18 hours per week Monday – Friday • Lessons are with students from a selection of 30 different countries.


Students registered in the Certificate in Business English (24 hours per week) choose one elective. The Business English or TOEIC electives are recommended for those who want to reinforce the skills and structures learned in the am class. Students also have the option to focus on other specific skills if they so desire. Other elective classes include: Communication, Current Events and Media, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary Building, Writing, and TOEFL.
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