Quality English - Canadian College of English Language is accredited by Quality English.

Quality English

Canadian College of English Language is a Quality English school. Quality English schools offer exceptional service, unique character and fine course choice. Here are some clear reasons why you can choose a QE school with confidence.

The Individual is King

  • QE Schools value the individual in their schools.
  • Each QE School is as special and unique as its individual students.
  • Students needs and customer satisfaction come first.

How does QE choose its schools?

  • QE approaches only established, independently managed English language schools of outstanding reputation.
  • QE Schools are very carefully chosen, and only the best will do.
  • QE has over seven years of experience in researching, visiting, and selecting QE schools.

How do we find quality?

  • QE takes a fresh approach to quality - with QE the customer decides
  • National Accreditation is only the starting point. QE asks the agents what they think about the schools, as part of their research, then again when the school applies, and again and again after that.

How do we check quality?

  • All QE Schools are regularly visited by the Chief Executive of QE.
  • When QE visits a school they ask questions, look around, meet the staff who can make a difference to the quality of the student's experience and always ask the students for their feedback. This must be consistently excellent.

QE Schools attract students from many, many different countries around the world. In the QE schools you will meet students from South America, Europe and Asia. This means you will have a wonderful rich experience and make friends ‘for life’.

Quality English Schools