TESOL Diploma

TESOL Diploma

This unique program consists of 8 weeks of english foundation and 4 weeks of practical training. With this hands-on training focus, students are well prepared for teaching English.


12 weeks 8 weeks in-class English lecture at CCEL: Monday to Friday, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 4 weeks practicum: Monday to Thursday (Individually tailored time schedule) (Practicum Schedules will be modified to accommodate the December holidays.)

Course Content

The CCEL TESOL Diploma Program has joined with Maple Ridge School District #42. This unique program consists of 8 weeks of English lessons and 4 weeks of practical training. The English training will advance students English level so that it is high enough for the practicum in Maple Ridge School District #42. This Program not only provides the basic theoretical principles underpinning modern language but it also enables each participant to be exposed to the Canadian public education system. Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will receive certification from both CCEL and Maple Ridge School District #42. The CCEL TESOL Diploma is intended to provide English training for participants who have little or no previous experience teaching English to adult speakers of other languages. The 240-hour course is aimed at non-native speakers of English who intend to teach English abroad. Over the course of 12 weeks, trainees will receive 160 hours of instruction; will be required to fulfil 20 hours of directed classroom observation and 60 hours of seminars and professional development.

Program Objectives

To provide future ESL instructors with quality teacher training which will allow them to gain the global perspective and international awareness necessary to meet the ever changing needs of ESL students in today’s society. To provide the highest quality of ESL teacher training available with qualified teacher educators, state of the art learning aids and a sophisticated facility To develop knowledgeable, thoughtful and globally conscious instructors who are well-equipped with the skills and training necessary to lead learners in the pursuit of ESL education To encourage life-long learning

Weekly Schedule

Week 1

  • How to teach well
  • Compare different teaching pedagogy.
  • Introduction to rapport and warmer activities
  • Lesson planning.

Week 2

  • Teaching Lexis (vocabulary concepts, phrases and idiomatic language)
  • Active and passive vocabulary
  • Techniques for presentation and practice
  • Questioning, Eliciting, Classroom control

Week 3

  • Techniques of showing meaning  / sentence structures
  • Using the whiteboard and other presentation techniques
  • Student-centred classrooms
  • Practicing techniques
  • The Practice Pyramid

Week 4

  • Techniques to help students create the sounds of English: pronunciation, enunciation, intonation and stress. Music in the classroom.
  • Using Visual aids in the classroom.

Week 5

  • Functions as an organizational tool – textbook/lesson comparison
  • The Reading Lessons: Pre/ During/ Post skill lessons
  • Intensive and extensive reading goals

Week 6

  • The Listening Lesson – Pre/ During/ Post Listening – creating closes and other effective reality-based listening tasks
  • Maximizing English use in the classroom, eye contact, body language – creating and using dialogues

Week 7

  • Matching group size to the task
  • The writing process: formats of authentic writing
  • Correcting techniques: effective use of feedback

Week 8

  • Using worksheets
  • Student age, multicultural classrooms, mixed-level classroom techniques
  • Proactive solutions and damage control
  • Unify a theme, collect materials to engage

Week 9 - 12

  • In-class observation in Elementary or /and Secondary schools
  • Professional Development (A personal portfolio /lesson plans)
  • Classroom management
  • Seminar
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