Are you ready to land your dream job? The CCEL TOEIC® Preparation program is essential to aid students to establish or advance their professional careers.

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Students wishing to take TOEIC may join these courses on any Monday for any length of time, students study general English in the morning with a specialized exam elective.

Course Content

Because the TOEIC focuses on listening, vocabulary usage, grammar usage and reading in daily situations that a typical business person would encounter, the TOEIC preparation course at CCEL includes all of those skills and more. Get the practice you'll need and learn test taking strategies that will truly make a difference in your score. As the exam provides the students or potential employers with an essential gauge to measure these truly unique skills, our experienced instructors understand the seriousness of the class and how valuable these skills are not only to succeed on the exam, but to land your dream job in your country or abroad.

Class Times

Students wishing to prepare for TOEIC study general English in the morning with a specialized exam elective.

Full Time: 24 hours per week (Mon-Thur) (Friday 8:30 - 12:05pm)

English Test Score Equivalency Chart

*Please note that the above chart is to be used as a reference only, prior to student's arrival at CCEL.
*In addition to the test results above, the school also reserves the right to evaluate the student based on his/her current listening and conversation skills.

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