Work Preparation Package

Work Preparation Package

This package is the best option for students who intend to do a part time job in hospitality field after completing their English study at CCEL.

  • Start first Monday of every month
  • Barista, Bar service & Customer service skills
  • The Serving It Right (SIR) Certificate

Course Content

Business English (AM Class – 8 weeks) Hospitality Service Training (HST – PM Class for 4 weeks) Career Preparation Program (CPP – PM Class for 4 weeks) Optional Internship at ‘eh!’ Restaurant (2 weeks)

Study Plan

Business English

Business English is most suitable for students who would like to improve their English language and communication skills for the workplace. The course covers basic and practical business English skills such as conversation at work, telephoning, emails, fax and meetings. It is also ideal for vocabulary development specifically for work. There are some online components in this course.

Hospitality Service Training

HST is designed for students wishing to acquire knowledge of the functional English and practical hospitality skills required for employment in a café, bar or restaurant. Hands-on practice in addition to supervised practical training are included. Students completing the 4-week HST program will acquire: Barista skills Bar service skills Customer service skills The Serving It Right (SIR) Certificate * *SIR is the official responsible beverage service program in British Columbia

Optional Internship at ‘eh!’ Restaurant

Eh! Restaurant is a fully licensed restaurant on CCEL campus which is also used in teaching some hospitality courses. The restaurant is open for public so not only CCEL students but many local Canadians come every day to enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch and even beer or wine!
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