CCEL Refund Policy - Tuition Refund Policy, Homestay Refund Policy, Residence Refund Policy


Policy and Procedures

  1. Students must complete all ESL studies and an Internship term (a minimum of 240 hours) in order to graduate and receive their certificate. The Internship term must not form more than 50% of the total program of study, must be authorized by CANADIAN COLLEGE of ENGLISH LANGUAGE CCEL and related to their study program.
  2. The CCEL will do its best to secure job interviews for all Internship students. Student's who maintain a 75% mark or higher, attend classes regularly and display an advanced level of proficiency in spoken English, will be given priority. CCEL does NOT unconditionally guarantee job interviews, and students are also encouraged to look for placement opportunities on their own.
  3. CCEL will attempt to arrange up to a maximum of 3 interviews. If a student is hired but rejects an Internship placement arranged by CCEL, NO additional interviews will be arranged.
  4. CCEL Internship students must have a valid study permit and passport to apply for a work permit. Students will receive a list of necessary documents during orientation, and CCEL will give students assistance during this process. (It is possible for students to apply for a work permit and extension of study permit or condition changes at the same time in Canada.)
  5. CCEL does not guarantee the issuance of a work permit. Work permits for Internship programs are issued by CIC (CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION CANADA) based on the discretionary decision of an Immigration Officer. The reasons for a work permit rejection can vary and depend largely on the individual applicant's situation. Some factors considered by an Immigration Officer that could lead to a refusal include the following: financial status of the applicant; career background; education background; possible intention to stay in Canada beyond the validity of the visa; family situation; criminal record; potential negative impact on employment opportunities for Canadians; other negative effects on Canada.
  6. Students must apply for the work permit a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the start of the Internship. CCEL will assist in processing the work permit application. It is the student's responsibility to contact the CCEL CAREER SERVICES office to begin the work permit application process.
  7. Students MUST have a work permit to receive remuneration for the work performed; (wages for Internship students should be at least minimum wage).
  8. If the Internship Host Employer ceases operations, CCEL is not responsible for students' wages.
  9. If students are fired, or quit for any other reason than harassment or obvious danger, CCEL will NOT arrange another Internship placement and reserves the right to refuse a program certificate.
  10. The Internship student's progress at the Host Employer site will be supervised by the company and monitored by CCEL. An evaluation form is forwarded to the work places to allow them to provide feedback to CCEL about the Internship students. The students must submit an Exit Evaluation provided by CCEL once the Internship is completed. During the Internship term the students are still enrolled Full-Time at CCEL.
  11. Once a program certificate has been granted, CCEL will notify the authorities that the student is no longer attending the CCEL program.
  12. Internship students must pay taxes to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. For taxation purposes, they must apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) at the nearest HRSDC office immediately after receiving their work permit.
  13. Students enrolled at CCEL must be in possession of Medical Insurance while they are in Canada as a temporary resident.
  14. The Worker's Compensation Board of BC (WCB) regulates and monitors workplaces. WCB also educates and consults with employers and workers on workplace health and safety issues. Internship students are eligible to receive worker's compensation for a work-related injury or illness. The employer assumes the cost of WCB coverage, and coverage begins on the first day of the work term.

When CCEL attempts to find you a placement you are agreeing to work within our system, and we expect you to accept our guidelines for participation.

  1. The placements are intended primarily for LANGUAGE ACQUISITION, NOT for vocational or career skills training.
  2. You will need good English skills to get the most from your experience.
  3. If your English level is not strong, you cannot expect to participate in very challenging or high level work during your placement.
  4. You may be required to enroll in additional academic programs or cancel internship program if you do not meet the CCEL language requirement level of English 125.

Once you are in a placement at a host company you should accept the following guidelines

  • The work experience that the host company offers you will depend largely on your motivation, willingness to learn and participation.
  • You must be flexible in your approach and be prepared to assist with tasks not mentioned in the Employment Agreement.
  • The host company will not offer you management responsibilities.
  • During your internship, you are considered an employee of the company and you must act responsibly at all times. You should learn by observing your colleagues in the workplace and ask questions before commencing any task you are unsure of.
  • CCEL has the authority to use your job feedback for promoting the program.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • 15. Refund policy for CCEL programs: CAD$300 non-refundable Registration fee plus CAD$1200 Internship Services fee. The Internship Services fee covers: job search assistance, securing of job interviews, pre-employment counseling, monitoring, support of students during placement, work permit applications, and post Internship evaluations. The Registration fee and the Internship Services fee are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to obtain a work permit and cancel the program, you will be entitled to a full refund of the unused tuition and the Internship Services fee. If you secure your own Internship placement without accessing any Internship Services, you will be entitled to a 20% refund. If you cancel the Internship Services fee in writing after your program start date and 12 weeks or more prior to your placement start date, you will receive a refund of 50% of the Internship Services fee or the full amount credited to CCEL classes. Any cancellation with less than the minimum of 12 weeks of notice will NOT be eligible for a refund. If you cancel the internship you will also be required to return the work permit to CCEL and Immigration Canada will be notified you are no longer participating in the program. If you are eligible for a refund under the conditions above, you will receive the refund within 30 days of CCEL receiving written notice of cancellation or CCEL's notice to you of dismissal. The refund will be based on our general refund policy.