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Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle How do I apply to study English courses?

If you would like to apply for the program, please fill out Online Application Form so we will contact you by email and guide you through the process.

add_circle What kind of English courses do you provide?

We offer General English (Smrt English), University Pathway, IELTS preparation and Business English. Please check the courses section on our website for more details.

add_circle How many classes will I have per week (which days of the week, start and end times and e.t.c.)

You can choose from Part-Time (18 lessons/week), Full-Time (28 lessons/week) and Full-Time Intensive (38 lessons/week) options. Classes are on weekdays and you can start your class any Monday. Please visit Smrt English (ESL) page for more information.

add_circle What is the maximum number of students in class?

In general our class size is 10-14 students in a class. Maximum number of students in a class is 16.

add_circle How can I get a letter of acceptance from CCEL?

We will email you a Letter of Acceptance within two business days after receiving the tuition payment.

add_circle Do I need to pay the whole amount to get the letter of acceptance from CCEL?

Basically, yes but we do offer payment plans for long term programs. Feel free to contact us and ask if a payment plan is available for you.

add_circle When do the next courses start?

For General English (Smrt English) and most other courses, students can start any week and register for however many weeks they would like. Please check the link below if you are applying for the EAP/Pathway course as there are designated start dates.

add_circle Do I need a course book?

Our learning materials are 100% online based. “Smrt” is a fully digital, web-based curriculum created solely by our instructors for our students.

add_circle What should I do if my class is too easy or difficult for me?

You can talk to a student advisor, who will help you find the class that would suit your level.

add_circle What are the tuition and fees?

Please check the fees list and fee calculator on our website. Feel free to contact us and ask for a quote as well. We sometimes offer promotional fees for students from specific countries or regions.

add_circle How do I know which English level I am?

We ask all the new students to take a placement test when they start the course. If you want to check your level before starting or applying for a course, feel free to take our online test on our website.

add_circle Do you provide accommodation for CCEL students?

Yes. You can choose from school residence or homestay. Please check the accommodation section and fees section of our website for more information.

add_circle How can I get my refund?

You can find our refund policy at the bottom of the Online Application Form. Please contact us if you want to cancel your application and request a refund.

add_circle Do you have any scholarship options?

We sometimes offer promotional fees for students from specific countries or regions. Feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.

add_circle Do you have online courses?

Yes, please check the link below. It automatically shows class schedules in your time zone.

add_circle Is there any age limit to study at CCEL?

Minimum 18 years old.

add_circle Do you provide private lessons?

Yes, It can be online or in-person depending on the student’s preference. Please fill out the contact form to receive detailed information.

add_circle What type of visa do I need?

Students from most countries can obtain a visitor visa or eTA which allows them to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. Students who wish to study longer than 6 months must obtain a study permit. To get official information on getting a study or work permit for Canada, please visit the IRCC website.

add_circle Do you provide visa counselling?

Please note that we are not allowed to give visa-related advice to individual cases. If you want to bring your family, for example, we would strongly recommend you get assistance from an experienced immigration consultant. If you do not know any consultants or agencies, we can introduce one to you.

add_circle Is it possible to work while studying English?

No. Students who are enrolled in an English language course are not eligible to work during your studies. We recommend you consider our career college programs if you are interested in working while studying.

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