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Smrt Year

Students who register for the Smrt Year Package can change programs to an English or Career College program with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE within the length initially enrolled.

Smrt Year is a great option for students who:

  • want to keep their study plan flexible
  • want to study Career College programs after improving their English
  • want to acquire international qualifications

Start Date Any Monday

Initial Course Full Time Smrt English (ESL)

Length 36-52 week registration is required

Sample Study Plan

Smrt Year PLUS

Smrt Year PLUS is an intensive version of Smrt Year. This is the best option for students who are hoping to achieve the best possible outcome within 36 - 52 weeks.

Package includes

  • Smrt English Intensive (38 lessons/week)
  • Course change to ANY course at CCEL and Canadian College within one year
  • Smrt English Full-Time(28 lessons/week) + One of Canadian College course
  • Personal Lesson for 10 hours (Online / In-person)

What is a Personal lesson?

A Personal Training Session is a combination of tutoring and counseling with a CCEL teacher. Your personal trainer will answer any questions, give academic advice on your English learning and set your goals. Another important role of personal trainers is to maintain student’s motivation at a high level throughout their study in Canada.

  • Personal Trainer: CCEL Teacher
  • Personal Lesson: 60 min / class (Online / In-person)

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