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Тест на определение уровня

Следующий онлайн-тест разработан таким образом, чтобы студенты смогли проверить свой уровень владения английским языком. Тест длится 60 минут, содержит 60 вопросов с вариантами ответов и один письменный раздел. После того, как вы отправите тест, мы оценим Ваши ответы и вышлем результаты на Ваш email.

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Where can you see these notices?






Choose the word which best fits.

I am from Vancouver, British Columbia. British Columbia is on the west coast of Canada, and Vancouver is 6) largest city. There are 7) 2.5 million people living there. Vancouver is a very multicultural city, and many people 8) Vancouver do not speak English as a first language. The city has beautiful parks, beaches and mountains, but it also has a modern downtown area. In the past, there 9) more houses downtown, and only a 10) tall buildings. However, most of the houses and smaller buildings have been replaced by larger apartment towers.

Choose the word which best fits.

Terry Fox is a Canadian national hero. Fox was a young athlete who lost his leg to cancer and became famous for attempting to run across the country with an artificial leg to raise money for cancer research. He 11) that his journey would raise $24 million dollars—one dollar for each person in Canada. When the run began in April of 1980, Fox was not 12) famous, but by June, he was a national star. Despite the heat of summer, he ran 42 km every day and made many public appearances. Unfortunately, Fox was 13) to finish his journey. His cancer returned, he was forced to end the run and he died in hospital nine months later. Every year since his death, a charity event has been held to 14) Terry and continue his efforts. The Terry Fox Run is held in over 60 countries, 15) Korea, China and Saudi Arabia, and has raised over $600 million dollars.

Choose the word which best fits.

Killer whales, also called orcas, are the largest members of the dolphin family. They have a very distinctive appearance, with a black and white body, a white patch above the eye and a tall fin on their backs the 16) of a triangle. Killer whales are found in all oceans, 17) the ice cold Arctic and Antarctic regions to more tropical seas. They are sometimes called “wolves of the sea” 18) they travel and hunt in groups like a wolf pack. Orcas are predators and feed on a range of animals, 19) as fish, mammals, and sea birds. The 20) description of a killer whale was in the year AD 70. While in western culture they have historically been described as dangerous animals, wild orcas are not a threat to humans.

Choose the word which best completes each sentence.

21) I still have a lot of notes to go before the exam on Friday.

22) We spent a lot of time about our families and childhood memories.

23) Frank is trying to get his break-up with Kathy, but he is not ready for a new girlfriend.

24) Every time they take a vacation abroad, something wrong with their flight.

25) My parents encouraged me a subject that interested me.

26) Everyone was satisfied with the decision for Steve.

27) Whether a song is good or not is a of opinion.

28) Have you considered a part-time job to make some extra money?

29) She her roommate of taking twenty dollars from her bedroom.

30) The roof of the church was up by large, marble pillars.

31) In order to get in shape, John has taken running.

32) It would me if we postponed the decision until next week.

33) The children start a fire when they are alone in the house.

34) You should have that you were going to be late for dinner.

35) Although the houses in size, they have a similar colour and design.

36) He wants to start his own business the next five years.

37) There was important information in the notebook that he lost.

38) Kelly was trying to choose a major, but she didn’t know where her best interests .

39) If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your of fat and sugar.

40) There was always a of jealousy in her voice when she spoke about her sister.

Listening Section

Please play the audio clip then choose the correct answers as it plays.