English for Business

English for Business

Small group English lessons with the option of adding of private one to one tutoring, specialized electives, internships, or use of executive services.

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  • Part Time and Full Time Options


The length of the English for Business program is basically 12 weeks for each level and CCEL encourages students to take at least 8 weeks. After registering for this program students will take a placement test which will determine their starting level. Most students in this program are taking short term intensive English lessons but there are also students that stay for a longer time.

Course Content

18 hours per week of formal classroom work using an integrated curriculum designed for mature students. Lessons are Monday to Friday, 10:20am to 14:20pm, with one hour lunch break. Teachers are selected on their qualifications and experience working with professionals. Students can enter the class any Monday and study for as many weeks as they wish. On successful completion of Business English program, students are awarded: Certificate in Business English (8 weeks) Diploma in Business English (12 weeks)

Part Time (18 Lessons per week)

  • Smrt Core Classes Only (part time)

Course Levels

Business English 120

BE120 course is most suitable for students who would like to improve their English language and communication skills for the workplace. The course covers basic and practical business English skills such as conversation at work, telephoning, emails, meetings and presentation. It is also ideal for vocabulary development specifically for work. The course also focuses on job search in Canada, writing a convincing covering job letter and resume, making an effective presentation and impressing an employer at a job interview.

Business English 125

BE 125 is suitable for mature students who would like to take their international career to the next level. The topics this course cover are Communication, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Service, Creativity, Company Structure and Responsibility etc.

*Availability of each level depends on the number of enrollments

Optional Additions

Specialty Electives

Students can enter any of the wide range of specialty electives. There are 20 choices offered throughout the year including conversation, communication, exam preparation, computer training, writing, and grammar. Some electives have prerequisite English levels and some are offered at more than one level. Students can study one or two electives each week and enter the class any Monday. Friday afternoons are free for social and recreational activities, testing, tutoring, and private study.
Complete List of Electives

Canadian College Courses

In the afternoon, students can join one or two of Canadian College courses while studying Business English. Example of College courses are Marketing, Business Communication, Accounting, Business Computer, International Trade, Hospitality, Project Management and Information Technology.
Canadian College course list

Private One to One Tutoring

Qualified ESL teachers are available for private tutoring for one, two or three hours per day. The goal is to focus on the individual needs of the student taking into account his specific strengths and weaknesses. Time can also be allocated for specific topics – Legal English, Medical English, Communication, Accent Reduction, Presentations, Public Speaking, etc.

Transfer Credit to College Diplomas

Students who have successfully completed BE 125 level acquire a transferable credit to Canadian College programs.
Canadian College
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